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We are Dilon and Luke, brothers with a shared vision and mission. Growing up together in the Greater Cleveland Area and both graduating from Normandy High School, our bond has been the foundation of our collaboration. Together, we aim to assist homeowners facing challenging situations.

Dilon, with his background in Accounting and Finance and over six years in the commercial and residential real estate sector, and Luke, with a decade of experience in landscaping and construction, combine their expertise to offer homeowners a unique and compassionate solution. Our goal is to understand the potential of every property and provide a fair, transparent, and hassle-free selling experience.

Whether you’re grappling with financial setbacks, property-related issues, or the need for a swift sale, you can trust in our commitment. Outside of our professional endeavors, we value our personal time—Dilon on the golf links and with his loved ones, and Luke amidst nature, hunting, and fishing.  As brothers united in purpose, we ensure a seamless and supportive journey for every homeowner.

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(216) 586-4692

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